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How to sign up with Xero for Simply BFI:

  • Open in browser.
  • Click Sign Up on navigation panel.
  • Click Sign up with xero to sign up with your Xero details.
  • Click Allow access.
  • Authorization page will be displayed.
  • Click Continue to complete the Simply BFI sign up process.
  • Your sign up information will be displayed.
  • Make sure all information is correct and click submit.
  • Client portal login page will be displayed.
  • Select Sign in with xero.

How to link your Xero account:

  • Click Data Sources on the navigation panel.
  • Click Add Data Source on an available slot data source slot.
  • Select the Xero data provider type.
  • Xero user consent page will be displayed.
  • Select an organization.
  • Click Allow access.
  • Confirm Xero Data Source Configuration page will be displayed.
  • To authenticate another Xero account, click on re- authorize and repeat previous steps.
  • To link your Xero authenticated organizations to your Simply BFI profile, scroll down and click link on the relevant Xero organization.
  • Click Save.
  • Your data source has been added and the data sync process has been initiated.

Data Sync Activity:

Data Sync Schedule:

  • You can set up times in which the data sync scheduler will run to update your data from the data sources and import them in the data base.

How to set up your data sync scheduler:
  • Click Schedule on the navigation panel.
  • Data Sync Schedule page will be displayed.
  • Select Frequency.
  • Select start and end time.
  • Click Save.

Data Sync Activity Logs:

  • View activity logs for completed data sync runs.

How to view activity logs:
  • Click Activity Logs on the navigation panel.
  • All organization schedules will be displayed.
  • If you would like to search an organisation, type the organization name in the organization bar.
  • If you would like to see more details on the activity run of an organisation, click on the eye

Accounts Map:


  • Create a unique master chart of account list and map each individual xero account to this master list. This will unify similar account across different data sources for better reporting purposes.

How to create a master list:

  • Click Accounts Map on the navigation panel.
  • Click Create Master List.
  • There are two options. You can preload Accounts or Use a clean sheet.
    • Preload Accounts = Select organisation and click load. You can filter by account type to manage a certain account type at a time. You can edit the account names and add or delete the account type using the plus and minus icons at the bottom. Click Save when done editing.
    • Use Clean Sheet = Add a new account by clicking on the icon. When done click save.
  • Both options will auto create an Intercompany account to map intercompany accounts against. These accounts will be excluded from the consolidated reporting.

How to map accounts to the Master List:

  • On the Accounts Map tab click Configure Map
  • Select the organisation you would like to map
  • You can filter on the following:
    • Mapped or Unmapped accounts
    • Account Types
    • Account Names
  • You can use the Auto Map function. This will Automatically search through the accounts and map where the account name is identical to the Master List.
  • To map an account, you can select the Master Account dropdown next to the account you wan to map and select the relevant Master List account.
  • If you are done, click Save.



  • View your standard and custom reports here. If you would like to have any customization done to your reports, please reach out to support.



  • Log a support ticket if you need help and assistance any Simply BFI app related query.



  • Manage and view your subscription details.
  • Ask to activate more features directly from here and a support person will be in contact.
  • Also view Next billing date and amount and Payment history detail.

Upgrade your plan to allocate more data source spots:

  • Click Plan to navigate to the different Plan options.
  • Choose a plan that have the allocated Data source slots you need and click Activate.

Request for Value Add-Ons:

  • Navigate to Value Add-Ons.
  • Click on the + symbol create a new line.
  • Select a Value Add-On you want from the dropdown.
  • Enter a Note in the Notes section.
  • A support representative will reach out and activate the add-on for you.

Invite new Members to your Organisation:

  • Navigate to Members section.


  • How do I disconnect from Xero?
    • Navigate to Data sources
    • Click Show Details on the Data Source you want to disconnect.
    • Click on Delete this Connection button. delete
  • How do I re-Authorize connections?
    • Navigate to Data sources.
    • Click Show Details on the Data Source you want to disconnect.
    • Click on Reauthorize button .
  • What does the integration do?
    • When the integration is running it pulls all the transactional data from Xero and store it into a database. We only pull data from and don’t push any data back into Xero.
  • When and how does data sync occur?
    • When a new data source is loaded the data sync activity will automatically be triggered.
    • You can also set-up a schedule to run the data sync activity on your terms.

    How data flow is happening?

    • We only import data from Xero into our environment. No data is being pushed back to Xero from our environment.
    • See the different tables we import into our Database.

Xero Requests

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